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I'm glad to hear MAzda has decided to continue the RX-7. The 1st one I owned was a '91 N/A (2nd gen Series 5). The one I own now is an '87 N/A (2nd gen Series 4).

A lot of RX7 owners don't know that the oil consumption of 1Qrt/2500 miles is the result of an automatic system at work. Because rotaries behave like 2 cycle engines, oil needs to be mixed with the gas. Knowing that no modern car owner would be willing to manually mix, the Mazda engineers designed a pump system that injects a small amount of crankcase oil into the combustion chamber. Therefore, if you are an RX7 owner, you should know to check and top off oil frequently.

They handle amazingly well; hug the road and 6500 rpms and 100 mph in 3rd gear does not phase them.
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