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My guesses...

1. A. The player that hit the ball

2. B. Let for the ball falling out, then loss of point for the hat flying off

3. B. The call of "out" stands, as both partners don't have to agree on the call, they just can't "disagree".

4. A. The other player is entitled to a 5 minute warm-up with any person of his/her choice, with coaching allowed

5. B. 78' X 36'

6. C. As many as they want

7. A. The match is over

8. B. Continue playing until the score reaches 3-1 or 2-2. At 3-1, the match is over. At 2-2 play a STANDARD SET tiebreak (first to 7 by 2).

9. A. Yes

10. C. Play continues, unless the racket hits the net or the receiver's court
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