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Thanks StringingIrvine.

When I try to hit them cross court, my shots are ending up down the line and beyond the baseline at least by few yards

I am so disappointed and don't know what to do.

Originally Posted by StringingIrvine View Post
Are you talking about all low forehands in general or specific ones (close to net, mid court, baseline)?

What's the outcome when you mess up your low forehand shots? Frame? Goes into net? Long?
Please go into detail. This way we can tell what you are doing wrong and try and give tips or recommendations.

As for what safe shots, I'd recommend deep top spin cross court. Net is lower, court geometry, and shorter distance to recover.

If that low forehand is short i'd go DTL and come to net.

Shot selection also depends on where your opponent is. If he hits a ball to my low forehand and comes in, i'm not going to aim deep cross court because it'd just set him up for a perfect volley. My options would be (1) short cross court shot to pass him (2) pass him down the line (5) go right at him with a short top spin shot so he has to hit a low volley or (4) lob him.

Hitting those low forehands you have to make sure your upper body and lower body are in sync. If you are reaching for that ball you better have your lower body counteracting the reach so you stay in balanace. Bending at your knees like those low volleys help.
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