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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
If you are caught in the middle of stuck traffic, and especially if you are the only one in the vehicle, it is not possible to run anywhere and take a pee. Let alone heavier stuff. I suppose in a bus you have enough space to quickly move around and do "it" in a bag or something, but a toilet is the best.

I think instead of putting useless entertainment equipment in the car like touchscreens and internet connectivity, auto manufacturers should focus on creating a system where a driver can pee while stuck in traffic. Like a hose.
The “heavier stuff” can wait for a while. As for the light stuff, a simple door in the floor would suffice for emergencies. I just feel that water and sewerage systems would add a huge new layer of complexity to the project.

As for the portable car wastewater systems you mention, I understand that those products are readily available. I’ve heard that they have been rather popular around Bangkok for some years now because of the unbearable traffic jams.
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