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Default Glucosamine--Magic bullet or snake oil?

I know it's been mentioned in the past, but what do you know and/or think about the effectiveness of glucosamine on knee problems, specifically tendonitis? I've done some research and the studies are mixed and most of those studies focus on reducing the pain of osteoarthritis. Some studies suggest that it slows or prevents degeneration of joint cartilage and even strengthens cartilage. Other research says it's no better than a placebo. I've been taking glucosamine sulfate for several years and until just recently have had no real knee problems. Lately, though, I've developed patellar tendonitis (self-diagnosed) that isn't responding much to the RICE treatment. So, I'm wondering--keep taking it; try higher dosage; try different producer; ??? BTW, if not better soon I am going to get it checked by my ortho doc. What say you about this stuff?
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