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Originally Posted by julian View Post
if a player/student comes to a 12 UNDER tournament and someone/tournament director brings GREEN
DOTS balls there is NOTHING a player can do.
The player has to play the given ball.
According to what I was told a player should expect/be ready for this scenario
even if he spent last five months playing REGULAR USPTA approved balls.
I do NOT mean to be disrespectful
I just plainly do NOT understand your post or I do NOT understand the phrase
"play green".
Maybe you meant green foam balls-please clarify.
It is possible that my problem is "local" and that I make big deal out of nothing but ...
There is not to my knowledge any section that is using "green balls" aka "green dot" balls at the 12U Open level. It used at all 10U levels, and some sections, not all, are using it on 12U satellite/challenger/novice entry-level tournaments. Again, the language varies by section and this is a section by section decision. But all 12U Open Level tournaments in all sections still use standard yellow ball.
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