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Not surprised at all really. It's a combination of brands do assessments on public awareness of a player and what they wear - which will also factor in what they've achieved in recent years and their ages. For Berdych and Dimitrov that amounts to basically nothing in the bigger scheme of tennis.

Other factors also include a recovering retail market in some regions, especially the Asian/mid-east markets and a positive outlook over the next five years globally. This is an opportunity for newer or fringe brands to make their mark renew their presence. Wilson, for example, seems to be more popular in their clothing lines than I ever recall - they might see this as an opportunity so shore up more players who already use their racquets. It's easy pickings (Wawrinka etc).

Nike would not even bat an eyelid when these guys come to the end of their contract with them and are made offers by another company - they're probably happy to see the back of them in some cases (not worth the effort or money). That's why players basically never have long-term contracts until they've achieved something special. Nike have rarely ever put effort into "me too" players on the tour and will be on the hunt for the next Sampras/Agassi/Federer/Nadal who is still under 20 at this stage. They can sign 20 of them for the amount of money Berdych would think he's worth for another two years.

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