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Originally Posted by PeteD View Post
Roger Federer, President of the ATP Player Council, continues to be involved in negotiations to get players more money. (Nadal and Djokovic were on the Council but they have left.) I know there was a thread on this a ways back (and some threads on WTA money), but my question relates to what portion actually goes to the players. An article in the New York Times last month said player prizes were "believed" to be 20-30% of revenues of "ATP events" but the article also estimated players get 17% of the AO revenues, and at the US Open, 11%.

Are these percentages accurate? Let's look at the O2 right now. Average cost of a seat maybe at least $ 200 (about 125 pounds). I know there are some cheaper seats but as the week draws on, there are no cheap seats and you can pay thousands of pounds for the best seats.

The tourney fills 18,000 seats, twice a day. 8-day tourney. That is 288,000 tickets at $200 = over $56 million. Sponsors pay ?? Say they pay equal to ticket receipts. Plus the tourney gets money for TV rights and from concessions. My estimates and/or math could be off but I think the tourney could be grossing $200 million or more.

The player participation fees and prizes are posted. Total prizes for singles are about $7.5 million, assuming they pay out a $1 million bonus for undefeated champion. Doubles prizes are about one-third as much as singles. So we are at $10 million for the players, from $200 million for the tourney.

That would be 5% of revenues to the players. Just a first stab guess. Anybody know more or care to comment?
That seems actually outrageous
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