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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
I have Yonex PTP coming in (yellow), so hopefully if all the raves are real, that'll become my new go-to string.
I don't think there a huge number of raves about it - certainly not from me anyway. It's a not a bad string, good(ish) would be the way I'd describe it (with the emphasis on ish). It's main strength is that it plays very consistently but there's no 'shazam' factor as far as I'm concerned.

The main downside I'd say is that the feel/feedback is a bit muted (which shouldn't really bother anyone who plays a big baseline game), and spin is okay but not as great as the best 'spin' orientated strings.

That said, I don't think it plays that differently to Scorpion, the main difference (in my view) being that there's more of a muted feel and it seems to last longer than Scorpion before going dead - it doesn't seem to 'tighten' up with hitting in the way that Scorpion does. Personally, I think Scorpion is the better string when fresh (the better feel giving it the edge), but PTP seems to remain playable longer, though it does lose tension over time. It will be interesting hearing your thoughts in due course.

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