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Originally Posted by Adidas_Anderson View Post
Here's a tweet
Wilson Tennis ‏@WilsonTennis
We're only 6 followers away from 30,000. Let's do this!!
1h Tennis Connected ‏@TennisConnected
@WilsonTennis We're hearing Grigor Dimitrov is joining Wilson as an apparel player as well. True or false?
15m Wilson Tennis ‏@WilsonTennis
@tennisconnected hmm, where did you hear that rumor? Grigor is currently with Wilson tennis rackets and accessories.
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6:45 AM - 9 Nov 12 Details

11m Tennis Connected ‏@TennisConnected
@WilsonTennis Insider told us that he's making the switch. I guess we'll keep an eye out.
You think the social media manager would know these kinds of details from such a large company? Doubtful. If this is actually going to happen (the switch), then the higherups would now long before social media.
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