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Hard to be specific without knowing exactly how you are dealing with those low balls but in general low balls must be hit with more topspin component than hitting through component compared to normal hitting zone balls. This means you have to orient your body so you can lift your arm upward more effectively than swinging around the torso. To achieve this you need to place your body more to the side of the contact point (ball) and pull the arm up for topspin. for this reason your footwork become more critical than the normal stroke simply because it is different from the normal footwork that you are used to for the majority of the times. The swing will be more vertical than normal and thus the finish will be higher than normal. It's more of a feel and precision shot (less for the target but more for the intended direction and trajectory of the ball or depth) than a power shot so slow down to get a good feel for the different footwork and swing path and then practice faster swing for more topspin.
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