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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
I use one as it saves fingers when doing a stack of rqts, especially at tournaments.

I tend to use it once I've strung about a 1/3 of crosses, and then at regular intervals, but I also try and keep the strings straight while stringing.

It's best to push the strings rather than stab at them.


Words of wisdom. A casual stringer probably won't benefit much from using one. If you've ever done a big tournament with several dozen frames, dragging your fingers across an imperfectly cut string tip hundreds of times really starts to hurt.

Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
I hold it like you would a dagger (!) with the point downwards. You can then stab at the strings "below the bend" to move them into a straight position. But some people over do that motion with too much vigour.

I use a Babolat setting off awl which feels great in the hand. I cant think of using anything other than this type of awl as usually they're not that expensive. If I didn't have one, I would use my fingers like you do.


I'd also recommend to hold it at an obtuse angle in relation to your wrist. A dagger would be roughly 90 degrees, angle the wrist out so it's coming down at an angle relative to the string bed. The Setting off tool is kind of unnerving when you watch someone else do it, but it's a pretty gentle tool as far as i can tell when actually using it.
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