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Back from a 3 week non-tennis vacation in Florida! 5 pounds heavier. Ugh.

Anyway, just getting my groove back. 22 hours on a plane takes a while to shrug off (well it used to be easier!) Didn't feel like drilling the first time out, so I did a long mini tennis warmup, then played half a set. Played surprisingly well, 3-3 (ran out of time). I didn't let my opponent control the center and run me ragged this time out

Forehand: Form may not be as good as the last time out, but the placement seems better. The switch to a full SW grip from extreme eastern (not big a change actually) and spreading the index finger further away (more pistol grip) seems to have made the PTD position and the windshield wiper feel much more natural.

I notice I need a bit more extension with the left arm, it's dropping early now. Plus I probably need to point the butt of the racquet to the ball more. Will fix that next time out.

Serve: Meh. :/
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