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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Oh man, I hate to jump on the dog pile here when doubles seems so happy with his string. I can sorta intuit how that combo might work for at least one set. But I can think of a dozen low price options that play decently for a set. When those stiff poly mains start sawing thru the soft nylon crosses however, its a whole nuther deal.

Hunting for one string that meets all of your needs is exhausting and seemingly futile at times. I've resigned myself too in a way. I've resigned myself to the notion that I will always have a few dif set ups in my bag at all times. Gut/Poly for my doubles play, Black Widow 18 for those days its clear my best chance of winning is bashing from the baseline, Full gut if I'm practicing 3-4 days in a row and need to be nice to my arm.

It's nice to have different options, however, do you ever wonder if you'd play your most consistent tennis by getting used (muscle memory?) to only one setup? To elaborate, I know I have to hit the ball differently (harder) when I switch from a soft multi stringed racquet to a stiff poly stringed racquet.
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