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^ You're well aware that the String Forum polling / voting system is flawed because people can mark down stuff that they've never even played with. It favors whatever is popular at the time, favors 'block reviews', and that Jans guy moderates the scores of anything you submit and even blocks reviews/scores if it doesn't 'fit' in with *his* view of a particular string. You can see that that Top 5 makes no sense anyway - 4 natural gut strings and PTP as the single poly sticking out like a sore thumb. Very skewed and subjective scoring system.
Oh, the forum is hopelessly biased, but it is typically biased towards German strings. The fact that the Yonex is stealing the show not only there, but even in TW reviews and on here probably isn't a coincidence. No, I do not trust that site for objective anything since every year ALU wins something.
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