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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
I've seen the load spacers but they are for badminton rackets.
I do not have a camera at this time, so I just used my scanner and scanned my spacers. I never strung badminton racquets, but these spacers fit tennis racquets nice, and the hole seem to match the tennis racquets, and allows more surface area than just the small billiard.
Below is picture, sorry for poor quality, as I said no camera, just a scan picture. The side with the groove is flat, and other side is curved to contour to racquet.Picture shows 2 sides , as the groove side fits the billiard thats on the one side, other side is contoured to fit racquet although that does not show on these poor pictures.Fits tennis racquets nice.
? if anyone here besides me uses these.

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