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Technically, yes. When you need to hit extreme CC shots on the run, lower your swing plane so that the finish is below the shoulder (i.e. "WW-style".) You'll end up with a reverse finish due to the torque, but your swing will be straight. It will look like you're slapping the ball wide.
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Technically, no. A straight arm configuration is really a reflection of the extension through the shot. When you use a pendulum-style takeback from a static position, you get the best extension when you use a down-to-up forward swing, finishing over the shoulder. If you swing in an across, WW-style, you'll have a bent-arm configuration. (Again, we're strictly talking static position.) Sampras used both kinds of swings, but I think he wasn't especially conscious of this.

There's ways to add more spin variation, though. Federer's rotation on his takeback was also done by Laver, and it gives you a more lasso-like motion while still retaining the basic pendulum shape.
What??? Are you trying to fit as many buzz words as you can in each post? Of course Sampras wasn't conscious of any of this. It's made up gobbledygook.
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