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Originally Posted by MaratSafin_fan View Post
I play with eastern forehand but I have problem with hitting long. How can federer and del potro keep it in play so easy with eastern forehand? It feels hard to brush but it feels weird for me to play with SW now. Is it that I am using my wrist to much when I brush up on the backside?

Thanks for help!
It's impossible to say anything specific about your stroke without seeing it.

Generally Federer, Del Potro, and every other pro put massive amounts of topspin on the ball to keep it in. Fed hits with some of the highest amounts of topspin on the ATP tour (at least as of a few years ago). Del Potro hits flatter than Fed, but he's still hitting with a lot of topspin. John Yandel measure the rotational speed of Del Potro's fh and it's higher than Pete Sampras' on average.

With an E. grip you really have to focus on allowing (not forcing) your wrist to pronate at contact. Doing this requires the proper set-up before the shot. Here's a great video from a guy who uses a strong E. grip, similar to yours:

The other way to keep the ball in if you want to hit with a flatter, simpler stroke is a combination of keeping the ball low to the net and backing off on the pace. The problem with this solution is that you're either going to play low margin tennis (if you keep the ball low) or your shots will lack pace (backing off on the pace). Your ball also won't have any action due to the lack of spin.
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