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Question Just Going to Throw My Injury Out Here

So about a month ago I started noticing pain in my right arm starting about halfway from my shoulder to my elbow on the outside of my arm (not triceps nor biceps but about halfway between.) I'm right handed and I hit a pretty big serve and a bigger forehand with a lot of action. I figured maybe it was just overuse; or maybe because I had changed to a different racquet and the grip was about 1/16 on an inch bigger. I had been playing twice a week for the last two years and now I am playing about four times a week in the last six months (until last Saturday.)

If the last two weeks the pain had gone away, but Saturday it came back with a vengeance on a serve. I winced, I bent over, I lost the point. The pain shot down my arm. Outside of the arm; feels like nerve pain--a shooting pain. I played the rest of the set with my opponent doing all the serving ( it was just a friendly hit), but it was hurting on fh's too. I haven't played since. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I've been mimicking forehands around the house and it's still there: shooting pain, outside of arm.
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