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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
I've noticed a fair bit of talk here recently regarding the new Wilson rackets with the open string pattern, something like 14 mains 14 crosses.
Anyways, here's a photo of mine that I found of Mark Woodforde's old Snauwaert rackets. He was using Luxilon BB Original custom gauge and wanted the tension very high, something like 68lbs I believe. As tight as you can string it he said.
Notice the P1 stickers on the buttcap.

These are the later ATP Tour 102 paintjobs and trust me he strung much much higher then 68, in fact it was around 90lbs or 40kg. (He even went higher up to 43kg in some events...)
The older Luxilon strings were very thick, around 1.80mm, later in his career he went down a little...

I own all Hi-ten's and you just have to string that high in order to get the control, i once strung one at 21kg and lacked control, then another one at 34kg and this one was much better, could hit with full swing, great experiment with great rackets!
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