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I need some help....
Yesterday I bought two PT630. I already have two PT's with full CAP that I play with, but I found these and couldn't reject offer for 50eur. (Lucky me)
I saw on original Head covers that came with racquets on inside label that states production year 1995 (made in austria), they came without full CAP grommets. As they are in bad shape (grommets), I need to change them, so I found on our club pages that Radical Mp bumper, and grommets will fit.

I have in my shop 2x bumper and grommets from YT Radical MP, and I can get them today, will they fit PT?, and is there a difference because they are made from Teflon and not regular black ones.

I took some pictures of new and my old PT's, I will post them tomorrow...
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