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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Not exactly, because they do not address the cause of the problem. You take NSAIDs for tendinitis and bursitis because they allows you lower pain levels to do the therapy you need to recover. It's whatever you were doing before that caused the inflammation that needs to be removed or remedied through therapy so that it no longer causes said inflammation.

Before someone posts 100 links saying that NSAIDs are part of tendinitis recovery, I know this since I have been through years of physical therapy on my shoulder before they realized I'd actually torn something. It's just like cortisone shots in that they help reduce the pain and inflammation so that you can strengthen the joint in question.
I know that any drugs including NSAIDs and cortisone can be dangerous. That's why I don't take cortisone, and I only take NSAIDs sparingly. When you say that it's about removing what caused the inflammation, I think that includes hitting aces and chasing down balls that normal people wouldn't get.

For me, it's all about personal choice. If a baseball pitcher or a pro tennis player knows that without these drugs they won't make money, it's their choice, and we all know which choice they will be making.

For us normal guys, it's usually more of a choice that involves being able to compete with your friends and doing well at local tournaments at your level versus slowing down your game and playing with the older country club players. I'm not making the choice for anyone.

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