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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
I have several different styles of mounting pads that came with my Gamma 6004 but they are all straight. There are two small pins on the back of each pad where they fit into the billiard. You may have trouble getting something from Alpha or Eagnas that matches up.
Although it is not evident on the pictures I supplied, the straight side has no pins, just a channel that the billiard rests against, (as you leave the normal pads in place, as thats what the spacers rests against) , and the opposite side is curved which is against the racquet. This way, once the racquet is completed and you loosen up the billiards to remove the racquet from the machine, the plastic piece can very easily be removed, as it drops free and you just turn it sideways between the central mains to remove it.
I really like this on some O Port racquets at the 12 oclock position as between some O Ports the frame has a distinct curvature, and with this spacer, there is less chance of a straight billiard against that curved part of the frame to move, as it makes it more stabil and also evens out the forces over a larger area.

Below is another side view picture, I know it is poor picture, but I only have my computer scanner to copy this as no camera at this time, so I had to place these on end on scanner to take image as the long end is 1 1/4 inch long, but is shows the curvature of these.

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