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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
Just curious, TW has Yanina Wickmayer as playing w/ the 2012 Babolat Pure Drive, but the Donnay shop has a 100th Anniversary edition Yanina Wickmayer stick!

Has Donnay been around for a century making tennis racquets?

Is the Donnay Wickmayer a Pure Drive clone since that's the direction she followed?

Does anyone have a story behind her switch? I'm sure $ is part of it but it seems like a jerk move to leave a company that has a special stick made after you. I'm sure Donnay's not happy about it.

Why did Donnay make a stick after Wickmayer in the first place? Is she really popular in Canada or something?
She had a contract with Donnay (Sportsdirect) but is now back to Babolat and the Pure Drive.
Donnay has been around for more then 100 years (1910) but tennis was not the first thing they made, The company made wood tool handles before beginning to manufacture wood racquets in 1934...
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