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Default Dont You Think This Is Taking This A Bit Too Far?

Few days ago I watched a mini orange match while I was hitting with a friend of mine. The first junior who had one aluminium babolat racket, was waiting for his opponent. As the opponent showed up he was had a:
- FIVETEEN pack Federer Wilson bag With his name sewn on
- SEVEN Wilson Blades (26inch)
- MiCoach Barricades 7's With the Speed_Cell
- Nadal Us Open Crew 2012
- Two Reels Some sort of Lux Strings
-Resistance Bands

So everyone was intrigued by the sight of this boy and his dad was
calling him the 'Futurestar'. His boy who was waiting for this 'little pro' was pretty much wetting himself. They began to warm up in the boxes and 'little pros dad' was glancing at his son. They began the match and little pro was bopping, jumping like bartoli as he was about to serve. He double faulted 4 times in the first game and had a beginner like lollipop serve. I stopped watching until the last moment of the match. I found out that the score was 4-0 3-0 to little pros opponent in just under a half hour. I also saw little pro was a newbie that had o been playing for 1 year. He was choking up the grip on his FH and couldnt even keep the ball in. He also had no BH whatsoever. Anyway, little pro got double bageled and his dad was such a saw loser after and that his son had a flu (he seem pretty fine)

What was so odd is that Junior parents kit their kids in the latest stuff and want their kids to be pro-like. It was like seeing Jan Silva without any talent at all (Little pro even got a massage and a warm down after losing) What to any people think about this?
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