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Look to your strings and tension first. If you're playing with thick, smooth strings strung low, then no advice in the world will help you. Your shots will sail long all the time.

Use 17 gauge strings, first of all. If you're using poly, then go 18 gauge.

if you're using syn guts, string high. Start @ the top end of your racquets manufacturers recommended tension. You can even go a couple pounds higher if you want.

If you're using multifilament, string even tighter than you would syn gut. Multis are more powerful than syn gut, so they are adding additional distance.

For poly, string around 50 to 52 lbs. use something with texture, something that will bite the ball.

Once you have all of the above met, then it will be a lot easier to apply spin to the ball without slingshotting it long every time.

just my .02.
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