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Originally Posted by 8F93W5 View Post
Scab is a common term. I'm surprised you haven't heard it. You must be very young and have not worked yet. Or sheltered and ignorant.
Scab: a worker who refuses to join a labor union or to participate in a union strike, who takes a striking worker's place on the job, or the like.
A scab is a very low form of life. Maybe someday you'll be unlucky enough to find out from personal experience if/when you lose a strike. Ask anyone working at a grocery store in USA. Ask your grandfather.
A scab is a person who enables the company to stay in business during a strike and by doing that, the company wins, the employees lose.
Vijay was one of those people.

This was a huge deal to the players. Those who played anyway, were disliked and lost respect.
81 of the top players refused to play Wimbledon in 1973. 13 of the top 16 seeds refused to play including two defending champions. Stan Smith won in 1972 and refused to play in 73. John Newcombe won in 71 and didn't, play 72 (I forget why), so he's in a way a defending champion too.
Smith, Newcombe, Ashe, Drysdale, most of the big names didn't play. Ilie Nastase is a notable exception and he will always be remembered for it. He says Romania government forced him to. Some Russians said the same thing. Connors and Borg played, but they weren't ATP members and were still unknown.

in 1973 the men decided to go on strike at Wimbledon to support Nicki Pilic who was suspended for not playing a Davis Cup match. It wasn't about Nicki Pilic though. It was the principal of the thing. The players wanted to play when and where they wanted. Open tennis was only 6 years old and it goes back to pre Open problems when each countries tennis organizations forced players to play certain tournaments. ALL the old US players talk about this in their books.
Wait a minute- so Vijay is a scab but connors and Borg were not? That is BS line of thinking. Saying Connors was unknown in 1973 is garbage. His year end ranking was #3. He reached 2 QF in slams that year and by that point had already won a bunch of ATP titles in singles and doubles! Connors refused to join the ATP union. Isn't he exactly the definition of a scab? A nonunion member playing while union members are on strike? Hmm unwilling to attack an American icon?

Borg was a relative unknown, but does being unkown excuse you from putting him in the same class as Vijay? So it is ok to be a scab if nobody knows you? Sorry if you are going to condemn some of the players you have to condemn them all.

In reality nobody is "always remembered for it" and nobody really cares. Natase is in the HOF. I am sure if you asked his peers from his playing days, nobody would say they styill remember it and are upset about it.
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