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Originally Posted by corners View Post
FYI, tricky is the probably the most useful poster in this section of the message board. Do an advanced search for his posts and you'll find that his knowledge of stroke mechanics is unmatched around here, and he has helped many, many people on this board improve their strokes. When he turns up to post, people listen. He's using a lot of "buzzwords" because he knows I'm familiar with the terminology he uses to describe forehand stroke mechanics.
If by unmatched knowledge of stroke mechanics, you mean he made up the whole fake distinction between push vs pull strokes, that is still preoccupying and confusing people on these message boards, then yes I'd have to agree with you.

Those sections I quoted are about the worst, most nonsensical description of a running forehand I've ever seen. I guarantee you, no top level player, Sampras or otherwise, thinks of their running forehand that way, consciously or subconsciously. It's just needlessly confusing and contradictory.

When people discuss stroke mechanics in real life, they don't necessarily use all the buzz words that are popular on these forums. I'd never seen anyone occupied with push vs pull strokes until I came onto these forums.

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