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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
think're gripping the rope with your bare hands. in order to keep the rope from slipping you have to clamp down on the rope really hard. if you were to wrap the rope around your leading hand, the loop tightens around that leading hand meaning that you won't need to clamp down on the rope nearly as hard with your trailing hand to keep the rope from slipping. try it out and you'll see.
You try it I know what will happen. You will end up with a broken hand if there are enough people pulling on the two ends of the rope.

I ran another test of with the weight. Free the weight weighed 10.63 lbs and when wrapped around the diablo 10.56 lbs. This time it was 0.07 lbs less. Now if the friction of the diablo makes a difference why can't the scale detect it?
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