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I can take some satisfaction in my game if I played well, yet still be "unhappy" if we lose.

I put "unhappy" in quotes because its not like I'm devestated or enraged if we lost.

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being "oh well" and 10 being a raving lunatic... I'd say losing doubles in rec play, I'm a 2-3 and its even that much because usually there is plenty of friendly trash talking ongoing.

In losing league or tourneys I'm probably a 5, unless the people that beat us were jerks or hooking... then I'd be around a 6-7.

Losing in an organized social mixed match, probably a 1. I play hard, have fun, it doesn't matter win or lose... not that I don't try, but if one of the opponents is over-matched then I'm not using all my best shots/serves... so it doesn't matter to me the outcome. It's like playing a young niece or nephew in checkers... yeah, I see the triple jump move... but do I really need to do that? Nahhh.

edit: however, there is a degree of frustration if you can set up your partner for a put-away, and they blow the shot repeatedly... that's not so much fun if it happens a lot.

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