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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
without the diabolo, the gripper is bearing all the tension.

using the the diabolo, the diabolo bears the majority of the tension as the string tightens around the spool so the gripper doesn't need to clamp nearly as hard on the string to hold the string from slipping.
With or without the diablo the gripper holds one end. If you are pulling 60 lbs of tension the gripper holds 60 lbs of tension.

You guys are looking at it like this. If I wrap a rope around a tree enough times there is going to be a lot of friction between the rope and the bark on the tree. If I hold one end of the rope tight enough to keep it tight the friction between the rope and the tree will allow me to hold a car back. If that car breaks the tree off though you sure don't want to be hanging on to the other end of that rope. LMAO

Big difference
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