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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
My guess is that the OP's chip shots were landing in no man's land, so that's where the opponent had to play them from. Hitting a winning passing shot or an effective offensive lob off a good skidding approach shot that stays real low and the chipper is quick and fast and is approaching correctly (ie., optimal court position) isn't easy.

Anyway, good for the 4.0 OP for playing smart and doing what was necessary to win, and too bad for the sour grapes 4.5 opponent for not adequately adjusting to the OP's change in tactics.
Again, it doesn't make sense. Have you seen or played a 4.5 player who can't hit a passing shot of a short ball? I'm not saying it's an easy shot, but I'd expect him to win at least two out of three of those exchanges. If he's camped out there and waiting for the ball, he should win a greater share...

I guess what I'm saying is I don't think that the OP was playing against a 4.5 player
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