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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Best post in the thread. Because everyone learns singles first and doubles later, tennis is an individual sport in our minds and the concept of "teamwork" comes late to the party. The idea that a quarterback would feel good after a loss thinking: "well, I hit those receivers in the numbers and they dropped the ball, oh well, not my problem..." sounds weird, but doubles players say it all of the time.
Yup, I say it all the time.

I get my best results in doubles when I go into the match to play my very best, period. That takes a lot of the pressure off for me.

If I go in focused on "winning," then I am a hostage to how well my partner is playing. Then I will notice my partner's missed shots. Then I will start trying to do too much to compensate for her poor play.

But if I just focus on doing what I can do as well as I can do it, the stars align and we will likely win. And if we don't win . . . well, I will accept the consolation prize of knowing I did as much as I could.
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