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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Here is a better test. The string in crushed by the gripper more if there is more tension on the string. Take a weight tie it to a string and measure the weight of the weight. Then wrap the string around a diablo and see if it weighs less.

Just in case you want a preview of what you are going to see I just did that. A 10 lb weight weighs 10.63 lbs hung from a string and when I wrap the string around my diablo it weighs 10.69 lbs. I think the reason for the 0.06 lb difference is the weight was free to swing when I did not use the diablo and when I did the string touched the the bar the crank slides on and that little bit of friction caused the difference.

You guys are too funny. Go on run you own test.
Your test is not designed to test the issue we are discussing, just to prove your stance. Better to wrap the weighted string around the diabolo & measure the force on the other side of the diabolo. That is what the linear gripper is seeing.
Unless you are saying that the diablo does not offer any resistance to the pulling force, I don't understand how it's not obvious? Oh, or you just playing with words as in the "speed stringing" charade?


I just think that things should work the way I expect them to.
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