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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
this shot is not too difficult for E grip, not easy for SW grip, and almost impossible for W grip. one of the few current top pros using SW who executes this shot reliably is djokovic.

one of the effective tactics playing against SW and W players is to pull them wide on their fh precisely because this shot is difficult for them.
Wow, 100 percent wrong. Most pros use some variant of a semiwestern forehand grip. Most hit this shot with deadly precision. Ever heard of a guy named Rafa Nadal? He has an extreme grip and is one of the most deadly guys on tour with this type of shot.

Claycourters with semiwestern and western forehand grips live for this type of shot. If you're pulling them out wide to their forehand, you better be doing it with a very aggressive shot, otherwise they will have a lot of options.

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