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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
that doesn't make sense.
Exactly. That's why I don't take the scoring from that site remotely seriously, or the order in which they rank strings. I've submitted a few poly reviews for example (or should I say, 'attempted to submit'), which have all been blocked with the guy refusing to put the scores into the database. Me giving Dunlop BW17 5/5 for comfort for example was too much for him even though its one of the most comfortable polys out there. Then there was that email exchange I had with him about BHBR where he refused to allow my review scores into the database. Tour Bite not stiff but BHBR is? Eh? He wanted me to adjust my scores. See what I mean about him filtering and influencing how the scores eventually come out in the database? They just seem to be biased towards whatever is flavor of the month (or whatever they want to be flavor of the month).

After all the constant faff, I just gave up. Just couldn't take the guy seriously.

Then they go on to send me emails asking me to rank various strings, half of which, I've never even played with (or if I have, they've been in different racquets at different tensions). Some strings I've never even heard of, yet apparently I'm permitted to rank the top 3 as best for this, best for that etc...

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