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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
I suspect that Irvin is going to come back & point out that he is talking about his machine that has a fixed diabolo that doesn't move with the linear gripper. At least that's what I think he said a few posts back. To clarify, my question was in regards to a Babolat type diabolo that is fixed to the moving tensioner assembly.


I reread irvins previous post about the Gamma diabolo & I think he was just talking about the tension head rocking to release the latch. So, the process should be the same on that machine as a Bab.
i've owned the gamma 6004 as well as the wise with the diabolo that irvin uses. both are mounted to the tension head and move together as one unit as tension is being pulled. now maybe he's customized his machine, but i don't think so.
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