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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Yup, I say it all the time.

I get my best results in doubles when I go into the match to play my very best, period. That takes a lot of the pressure off for me.

If I go in focused on "winning," then I am a hostage to how well my partner is playing. Then I will notice my partner's missed shots. Then I will start trying to do too much to compensate for her poor play.

But if I just focus on doing what I can do as well as I can do it, the stars align and we will likely win. And if we don't win . . . well, I will accept the consolation prize of knowing I did as much as I could.
Actually it isn't "as much as" you could. In my experience the process of teamwork in doubles is twofold, neither of which is "compensating for... poor play", which I agree is a recipe for disaster.

First is the Mental Game aspect, that is behaving in a way that a poorly playing partner will play as well as they can that day, or in other words not to make them play at their worst, which is the common response to the common behavior of doubles players to poor partner play.

Second is making strategic decisions to change play (like you should be doing in singles when losing) to compensate for the realities of how the match is going, ie playing 2 back on first serve returns, only playing S&V on first serves etc.
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