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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
not a single other pro using SW have a swing that is even close to nadal. agree he does this shot extremely well and so does Djok. they are special and not representative of the norm even for the pros. they also do other very difficult things well. not most other pros do. bring a better example if wanna claim someone is 100% wrong. you should be saying you don't agree, which I have no problem with, capish?
Single example? I figured Nadal was good enough. Ok let's try 25 examples. Look at current the ATP top 25. Most hit forehands with a variant of what we would call a semi-western grip. Most have deadly running forehands. A player like Edberg can hit this shot with a grip closer to continental. A player like Wawrinka can do it with a grip closer to western.

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