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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
The diablo supports none of the weight. If it did the weight would weigh less.

With or without the diablo the tension on the string is the same. The gripper does not apply a gripping for to the string. The string moved the linear gripper forward. As the gripper moves forward the ball bearing riding in a track close the gripper plates and the gripper plates apply pressure to hold the string. Te greater the resisting force applied by the string the more the string is squeezed by the gripper plates.

I know of no stringing machine where the gripper does not move with the gripper. I have a Gamma stringer and the diablo if fixed on the tensioner and moves with it. The front section of the gripper assembly is a pivot for the gripper but any less movement of the gripper plates and the diablo is so slight it can not make a difference. Take the Wise diablo it is bolted to the gripper assembly and gripper plates inside the linear gripper move the diablo again is fixed in relation to the gripper assembly.

I believe it was tbuggle that said earlier sometimes he used the diablo and some times he didn't. He didn't say whether he could tell the difference. I bet the cant. Take the Wise tensioner. Mine does not have a diablo. If i add a diablo will my tension be off?
Irvin, the gripper IS applying a gripping force to the string. It grips harder the higher the tension, at least until it reaches it's end of travel. As for the first statement........the diabolo certainly supports some of the pulling force! THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT!!

I just think that things should work the way I expect them to.
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