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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
Can anybody translate the German for us?
"From the Austrian Capital directly to us:
Tennispro Tommy Haas provides us with one of his recently played Racquets. Haas, winner of the ATP Tournament in Vienna in 2001, unfortunately didn't get that far this year. He lost against Slovenian Grega Žemlja, who lost the Final against Argentinian Juan Martin Del Potro, in the Round of 8. Nevertheless is this year's Season one of the Best for the Hamburg native. At the Gerry Weber Open in June Haas even won the Final against the Best Player of all time, Roger Federer. His Fans now have the opportunity to secure a great souvenir from „Hasi“. In addition, the Handle of the Head Racquet is signed by Tommy.

Brand: Head. Model: Prestige MP. Tension:. Mains 24kg, 22kg crosses

The proceeds of the auction "The original tennis racquet player Tommy Haas" will be given, without a cent deduction, to the Ernst Prost Foundation, in favor of the Association eV street children"

You're welcome.
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