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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Should the guaranteed spots be re-evaluated each year? Or perhaps every time the new polls come out?

Maybe now the SEC should have 4 (or more) guaranteed spots? Until next weeks polls perhaps?

Didn't the SEC suck rocks 15-20 years ago?

Should Boise State be given an automatic bid each year (LOL) because they have been "so wronged" for "so long"?

Boise should have made it the last 2 years but scrub teams from big goy conferences kept them out then the BOGUS choice of Michigan to go the the Sugar Bowl was made by the big boys again. Why should you be guaranteed the huge payday of a BCS bowl if youre from a conference thats mediocre? Just because they have the power to keep a Boise out?

I have no idea what the SEC sucking 20 years ago means with todays BCS. You just throwing that out there for the hell of it? I am guessing Boise and many other teams that are good today sucked 20 years ago also but that doesnt matter.
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