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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
I think they should reevaluate the rules on automatic qualifiers. I think you should be a conference champion ranked in the top 15 (ish) in order to go to a BCS game.

There have been too many examples recently of lowly ranked, 3-4 loss teams from the ACC and Big East (and even Big Ten) making BCS games, while teams ranked in the top 10 get passed over.

1999, Syracuse, #15 with 3 losses
2000, Stanford, #22 with 3 losses
2001, Purdue #17, three losses
2005, Pitt, #21, 3 losses
2006, FSU, #22, 4 losses, loses to a Penn State team that finished with 4 losses and ranked #24
2009, #19 Va Tech, 4 losses, plays #12 Cincy
2011, Unranked UConn, 4 losses
2012, #23 West Va, 3 losses plays #15 Clemson, 3 losses

8 out of 13 years, we've had at least one BCS team that just didn't belong, and in most of those years, they lost the BCS game in question. Also, think about who the Big Ten will put in the Rose Bowl this year. Nebraska? Northwestern? Wisconsin? The odds of a 3-4 loss Big Ten team ranked somewhere between 15 and unranked is a real possibility this year.

If you made a top 15 ranking a requirement, all of those teams except Clemson and Syracuse don't go, and teams ranked higher can go.

Even in 2014 with the four team playoff, there will still be lower ranked conf. champs that pass over more deserving teams in the rest of the games. They've got to make it more difficult than simply winning a bad conference.
This is college, not the pros.

It turns into a funding issue (ie; conferences want to be able to count on getting a set amount from bowls for their respective conferences).
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