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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
1. If they have moved back, or created more space by adopting the neutral stance, is it really hitting out in front???
Yes, they are still hitting out front, which means in front of the plane of the chest. And, yes, they'll sometimes have to back up in order to hit out front.

2. When on a run or stretched wide, pros do seem to compromise and hit more to the side.
This is also true, but you understand it is a compromise. The most extreme example of this is when pros hit the ball behind themselves with a squash shot. You'll notice that most will switch to a continental grip to hit the squash shot.

3. Once you are in a comfortable position, wouldn't anyone hit a little in front of them if they can?
Old school players who hit with a continental fh are not as comfortable taking the ball as far in front. And I'd say the same holds for eastern fh players who don't have the wrist flexibility of Federer.
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