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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I play with the Ki 5x. I got it partly because of the serves, and it really delivers. The downside is the maneuverability, which is what makes the Ki 5 the one that should appeal to more players, in my opinion. I've gotten accustomed to the extra length and swingweight.

Overall, I think the Ki 5x is a great stick. The length gives you bigger serves, a little more power, and a little more stability at the expense of mobility versus the Ki 5. It's a pretty even trade, and which one is better depends on your style.
This is one of them sticks that I feel has all the great qualities of a PDGT+ Roddick w/o the arm pain and a tad more control. one of the hidden gems. Really surprised it's been out since 2006 and not many have noticed. I thought this stick has better paint job quality then the original 7g. It's very hard to find glossy surface PJ's now that is harder to chip.
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