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I thought of a great example of a player with an extreme forehand grip that excels at this running forehand shot. Francesca Schiavonne. It's one of the weapons that helped her win the French Open.

Why are we even having this discussion? Countless players with semiwestern and western grips hit the running forehand very well. Go to your local club and watch the junior players.

With more extreme grips the problem shows up more when they want to flatten the ball out more and hit through the ball, or maybe take the ball early. Running forehands are no problem for those type of grips. Go look at the list of men's and women's players that have won Roland Garros. You will see a lot of players with semiwestern or even more extreme grips and great running forehands.

You will also see players like Michael Stich and Stephan Edberg with less extreme grips that won wimbledon, with great running forehands. You can hit a running forehand with anything from a continental or australian grip to semiwestern or extreme western.

Even at the local level, you see players will all types of grips hitting this shot well.

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