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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
bugeyed must be choosing his words or he does not want to admit the truth but you seem to understand where I am going with this. Do you know how a lockout tension works? Or would you like me to tell you?
what's clear is that don't understand how and why the diabolo works. since the diabolo and gripper are both fixed to the tension head which triggers the lockout to lock once the tension head reaches the reference tension. the lockout doesn't care what's holding the tension (the diabolo or the gripper). think of the diabolo as hand 1 and the gripper as hand 2. both are fixed to the tension head. the lockout could care less if hand 1 or hand 2 is holding the 60#s of tension or if both are supporting the 60#s. it's going to lockout when the head reaches 60#s. as the tension head pulls, the string wrapped around the diabolo grips tighter and tighter around the spool meaning that the string gripper doesn't need to clamp as hard on the string to prevent it from slipping.
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