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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
A lot of us have been tracking with software for a while. I know that is pretty much horrific and awful to say in any gear related community, but I have fooled a lot of people with my les paul going into softube's vintage amp room with a ts9 in front.

I know about soundcloud..any other good little small audio hosting sites where I could upload some blues licks next time I record something?
There are a lot of snobs who tout they only use real tube amps but secretly use a POD to record with. I'm not a gear snob and love how my GNX3000 sounds recorded. Hell, I have also gotten great tone out of my Pod XT Pro and even a V-Amp Pro. Yeah, I get great tone out of a Masotti X100M but I have to work harder to get it with mic placement and ridiculous volumes.

As for song sharing sites, SoundCloud and ReverbNation are the two I was told to look at recently when I wanted to share some stuff I was playing around with. I ended up putting a few things on SoundCloud as it was very easy to get started with. Here's some fun stuff I just put up on SoundCloud.

Originally Posted by kalic View Post
I'm a big fan of classic racquets, but I don't like classic guitars. Uncomfortable bodies and necks, small frets, almost useless tremolos, ugly imho ... On the other side, sound is great on some. Modern "superstrats" are my definite choice. I currently play Jackson DKMG, and before it there was Kramer 610 and Ibanez RG.
I've been playing Jackson Soloists for so long now, I can't imagine playing anything else. After using a couple of Charvels that I got in the early 80's I bit the bullet and got a custom lefty SL1 in 1985 and then got a custom SH2H in 1987. From that point on I have been collecting lefty USA Soloists.
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