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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
what's clear is that don't understand how and why the diabolo works. since the diabolo and gripper are both fixed to the tension head which triggers the lockout to lock once the tension head reaches the reference tension. the lockout doesn't care what's holding the tension (the diabolo or the gripper). think of the diabolo as hand 1 and the gripper as hand 2. both are fixed to the tension head. the lockout could care less if hand 1 or hand 2 is holding the 60#s of tension or if both are supporting the 60#s. it's going to lockout when the head reaches 60#s. as the tension head pulls, the string wrapped around the diabolo grips tighter and tighter around the spool meaning that the string gripper doesn't need to clamp as hard on the string to prevent it from slipping.
Wait a minute. Seems to me like everyone but me is saying the diablo takes stress off the string in the gripper I am saying it does not.

Here is how the diablo works and what it is for. If you wrap the string around the diablo the angle of the string going into the gripper never changes. Whether there is no tension or 70 lbs of tension the angle stays the same. That means the string on the leading edge of the gripper stays in the same place instead of sliding up or down in the gripper and damaging the string. But it make a little more of a difference in a lockout stringer. When using a lockout the gripper assembly pivots on the front bottom edge of the gripper assembly. The string resists the tension from the pulling force and rocks the gripper assembly up. A catch slide over a braking pin and locks out the tensioner. if you do not wrap the string around the diablo the string will actually be above the diablo (on my machine) increasing the angle going into the gripper. But more importantly the string is pulling the gripper assembly up from a greater radius and you will have less tension because it takes less force to lock it out.

EDIT: If the diablo removes any force from the string pulling on the gripper assembly (assume 50%) it would result in the tension in the racket being doubled because it would take two time the force to lift the gripper assembly required for lockout.
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