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Originally Posted by Mike Y View Post
Ok, that is interesting, and if I am interpreting this correctly, this came up in a match last week for me, and I called it wrong.

My opponent hit an overhead at my feet and slightly to the side, very hard, I stuck my racket out, and it basically hit the ground, my strings, and my frame instantaneously. In my view, it hit the ground first, then my racket, and it weakly went over the net, bounced, and had a ton of spin on it. My opponent said after it went over "It hit the ground", I shook my head no, and he hit the ball into the net. He said after the point that the ball hit the ground after the ball hit my racket, and I said no, the shot hit the ground first, then my racket, then over the net. The four of us were in agreement that it was my call, and I said that it was a legal shot since the ball hit the ground, then my racket, then over the net. The other two players and spectators couldn't tell.

So, in this situation, that call wasn't mine? My opponent should have rightfully claimed the point?
Yes. This is one exception to the "call it on yourself" rule. Another exception is when you hit a ball that goes "through" the net, it's the opponent's call.
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